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   books I have used a file-card system since 1984 for my household work. During these years I used to do well, then I'd drift away from the box; then I'd find my cards, reshuffle them, and try again. During this time I developed pages that went in my dayplanner that gave me the same information as my cards.
   books 3 X 5 cards were my first planning tools and what I use sometimes for my housekeeping. I love the system and accomplish more than I ever dreamed possible. The only reason I developed the notebook instead of cards was its portability. I like having everything in one place. If you follow my system you will be able to fit all your cards in your dayplanner - plus more.
   books Your notebook will have sections that you will fine-tune. You'll find that some of the ideas presented here will need to be modified to suit your particular needs. Day planners come in many sizes and varieties. I like a basic one with tabs I can use to create personalized sections. I use parts from different companies with some of my own pages I have made with AppleWorks. There are also a variety of planners available in your local super store. After studying this article you will be able to make a wise decision about your needs.


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