Dayplanner Supply List

books  What You Need
(Size is 5.5" X 8.5" for all items.)

apple  binder - I used to use a full size 8.5" X 11" pages because I had lots of papers that size. I now have a brief-case bag that holds the larger papers in files and my planner. Got mine at Sam's with some other Franklin/Covey stuff in it.
apple  zippered pouch
apple  pen
apple  pencil
apple  highlighter
apple  lined tablet of paper
apple  zippered pouch
apple  pen
apple  monthly calendar - get the kind with tabs. I use the set from Franklin/Covey that has the month on ONE page only. I dislike having papers in between the two halves of the month with the two-page style.
apple  weekly or daily calendar pages - I make my own daily pages. They will be shown in the lessons.
apple  page marker - this is a plastic device that snaps over the rings in your binder. I move this each time I turn a page to a new day. Mine is made to hold a removable/customizable week-at-a-glance page. Find one like it at Franklin/Covey. Of course, if you get a pouch-type page marker you will need the little papers that go in them.
apple  dividers - you will need about 10 - 12 heavy-card-stock-weight dividers. You can buy them or make them yourself with stick-on tabs.
apple  stick-on tabs - These are called "index tabs" and come in various sizes and colors. I use the ones that are about an inch wide for my planner. If you decide on the larger size planner, you may want to get larger size tabs.
apple  floppy disk holders - These are made for planners. I use the ones put out by Day Runner. They hold 2 disks per page. You will need 4 or 5 of these. (I think they come 2 per pack.)
apple  name and address dividers - Day Runner makes the ones I like best.

books What You Might Want to Add books

apple  post-it note holder - I have one and I use it a lot! It will not be essential to some, but it is to me.
apple  business card holder - I like Day Runner for this, too.
apple  checkbook holder - I don't have one, but I think they would be nice. You could ditch your purse.
apple  calculator - probably should be in the above section, but I don't have one and survive ok.
apple  brief case - I do have one of these and this will be discussed later. It was a freebie with an order from Reliable. The style is like a big purse with pockets and zippers - not like what you think of when you think "brief case".

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