bear Understanding Values and Goals

In the beginning I was a bit confused by the terms values and goals. Their meanings may seem obvious to you, but I was always interchanging them. Values were something I wanted to be, so I was always working at them, and goals were something I never pursued because I didn't know how. Finally, I got it straightened out enough to come up with a simple definition.

   appleA value is something you believe in - almost like something you are.

   appleA goal is somthing you aim for. Goals are planned events.

That was simple, right? So how do values and goals influence one another? The things you value ultimately help you set your life's goals. You can say you value God, your marriage, children, getting organized, being on time, being financially independent, etc., but do your actions and goals show it? Are you doing anything about these things? Probably not. Most of us just muddle through each day, just getting by, and wonder where the days, weeks, months, years and our lifetime went. One day is just like another, and we wonder why nothing changes. I heard an interesting quote. ( email me if you know the source so I can give credit.) "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" Think about that. If you keep doing the same thing today that you did yesterday, are you going to be any closer to what matters most to you? If you answered, "no", get ready to change.

Now that you have your values in place, I will show you how to set up goals and reach them in lesson #6.


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