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There will be several variations of this model day depending on your particular circumstances. You may work outside your home, get up extra early, sleep a bit later, or may other variables. Please, don't be afraid to juggle this around to find what works for you. There are fundamental steps, however, that have to be done sometime for your planner to be successful and work the way it should.

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The first thing anyone has to have is a daily planning time. This can be last thing at night for the next day, or first thing in the morning. Either way is fine, but you need to have some uninterrupted time to yourself. When you are comfortably seated, open your planner and review the previous day. Are there any unfinished tasks that need to be forwarded? Forward them. Are there any conversations or plans that need to have follow-up? Schedule it. You should already have any standing appointments, birthdays, and other reminders scheduled since you do this at the end of the month when you get out your new month's pages so nothing catches you off-guard. Schedule shopping ahead so it is done by mail or paarty date. Make a new note in the new month to "check next month's dates" to remember somewhere in the last week - usually on shopping day.
   Mornings should always begin with spiritual time. Do any reading and prayer you need to do. This activity is in the upper 1 or 2 values for most people. It's good to consult God about your plans and get much needed insight and wisdom for your day.
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Now write down everything you need to accomplish today. Don't be afraid to write down things like shower, dress, makeup, etc. It's your planner, and you need to do what helps you. Although I have never left the house undressed, I still write these down. One reason is, I like to see checkmarks, and the second reason is, I don't get sidetracked this way. I know exactly what I am supposed to be doing at any given time. You've already earned a checkmark for "Quiet Time" so give yourself one. Look through your goals to make sure you are scheduling things that get you closer to your ideals and dreams. This is essential if you are going to make positive changes in your present circumstances and personality. Also, look through your project files for activities that need to be done today. (Project file #6 in my planner is "housework" and I look at this daily for my schedule. I also have a "kitchen" section I consult for menus and shopping.)
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Now, based on your values and what is important to you, give each activity you have listed a value. I do this mentally, but the old Franklin pages used to have a spot for this. Each item is either essential, important, unimportant. After each item has been valued, give each one a priority, in other words, which task is THE most important one on the list? Give it #1. Decide which task is the next most important one, and give it a #2, and so on.
   When your prioritized daily task list is finished all that's left is to look at your planner and do whatever activity has a #1 beside it and finish that task. Don't stop until it is done or until you have finished that part of it that is today's part. Larger goals have already been broken into intermediate goals and daily activities. Use your goals sheets to break down tasks so they will not be overwhelming as has been explained. Keep your planner with you at all times. Make notes of activities for future days, reschedule tasks (forward) if necessary, make notes of converstions and you will find your days taking shape.


This is all you need to make vast improvements in your days, but I am going to go on and explain a few of the sections I use. Project Section #6 - Housework - coming up next.

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