The Ideal Woman From a Man's Point of View

Women are the thermostats in the home not the thermometer.

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Assignment for Lesson #2

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1. Read the chapter entitled, "The Ideal Woman From a Man's Point of View".

2. Keep recording any positive remark in your journal/love booklet.

3. Make a list of the qualities that make up the "ideal woman from a man's point of view". Keep these qualities in mind as a goal to shoot toward.

4. In your journal, write down 25 things you already have going for you. Be specific. Don't just say "nice personality" say "fun to be around", "loyal", etc. If you can't find 25 then you are not trying hard enough and have swallowed the line about modesty. It is not modesty to deny you have a trait when you know good and well you have it. Pride is when you are puffed-up because of your wonderful traits and attributes and you "do so wish the peasants would appreciate you as they should". I know I can quilt. Do I think I am the best quilter ever put on the face of the earth? No way! I know I am a loyal and true friend. I know I am honest. I know I am fun. See how easy it is? We all have good traits and nobody starts from zero. Keep adding to this list as time goes by.

5. Get an old key and glue a magnet on the back of it. Adhere it to your refrigerator to remind yourself that "You hold the key to your and your family's happiness."

6. Prepare for the next lesson by reading chapter #3, "Accept Him".

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