Masculine and Feminine Roles

It is the man's job to provide his lady with a safe place in which to work her magic.

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Assignment for Lesson #7

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1. If you haven't done so, read the chapter on "Masculine and Feminine Roles".

2. Read and study scriptures and good books that define masculine and feminine roles. Share this information with your husband.

3. Make a list of some of the aspects of your role and your husband's role.

4. Dust off your key magnet you made in Lesson 1 (to remind you that you hold the key to your family's happiness). If you can find a small lock; glue it onto the key. You will only be the key to your family's happiness if you both function in your roles as a lock and key.

5. Share any thoughts or successes you have with the mailing list.

6. Read the chapter on "The Leader" in preparation for the next lesson.

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