The Protector

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Assignment for Lesson #9

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1. Read the chapter entitled "The Protector" for yourself in the book, "Fascinating Womanhood". There are some neat success stories there.

2. More details on femininity will be in later lessons, but for now take a survey of some masculine things you are doing. Put a stop immediately to any that are let go of easily. Work on transfering the rests of the tasks as you can. As you become more tender and gentle this will be easier as you will awaken your husband's tender protection for you. Don't be discouraged if this takes some time. He may have a wall of reserve and not quite trust you. Be diligent and don't quit!

3. Make sure you put into words how much you need his protection and care. These words won't be empty. Today's world holds many dangers for women. Tell him something like, "I'm so thankful I have a man like you to take care of me and protect me."

4. Ask him for his assistance with masculine jobs like lifting and hauling. Don't be so capable! Make sure your request hides a complement as in these examples: "Man of steel, could I get a hand?" or, "Will you loan me those big muscles of yours for a minute?" or, "This is so heavy. I'm afraid I will hurt myself. Would you do this for me?"

5. Read the chapter entitled "The Provider" for next lesson.

6. Share your experiences with us online.

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