Sympathetic Understanding

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Assignment for Lesson #13

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1. Read the chapter entitled “Sympathetic Understanding” in your book. Pay close attention to the story by Washington Irving called, “The Wife”. It is just excellent and brings tears to your eyes.

2. Watch for situations in which you can offer sympathetic understanding.

3. Make up your mind to be cheerful even when your husband has a gloomy attitude. You can do much to set the tone in the home.

4. Make it a point to show sympathetic understanding for your husband’s role in earning the living and the challenges he faces on a daily basis.

5. Share with the FW mailing list any success stories you have in this area.

6. Read the next chapter in preparation for the next lesson.

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Study Questions for Lesson #13

  1. What general areas can you think of that men need sympathetic understanding?

  2. List some specific times your husband needs understanding.

  3. What character traits does a sympathetic woman need to portray?

  4. What kinds of traits do unsympathetic wives possess?

  5. What kinds of mistakes can you make when offering sympathy?

  6. How do you give true sympathy?

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