The Feminine Manner

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Assignment for Lesson #19

Separator Bar Make your motions match your appearance.


1. Read Chapter entitled "The Feminine Manner" in the book Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin. My lesson is only a condensation of the material in the book.

2. Take some time to analyze how you move. Ask a friend to help you refine your walk and your posture.

3. Take a good look in the mirror at your face. Do you have a soft look or a hard one? Pay attention to how your face feels during the day. Do you catch yourself frowning or letting your mouth droop? Do you glare at people?

4. Work on the appearance of your hands while at the same time making them more expressive. Hand movements can be an extreme asset to the feminine woman.

5. Practice reading aloud as outlined in the lesson. Practice in private if you are uncomfortable. If you homeschool, you can do this while reading to your children. Exaggerate your voice to get the feel of speaking with emotion.

6. Check your character and thought-life. Are there traits inside that show up on the outside? It's a two-way street. Your facial expressions influence your thoughts, and your thoughts influence your face.

7. Take time to post your best tips to the mailing list.

8. Read the next chapter so you are ready to move on.

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