The Feminine Nature

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Assignment for Lesson #20

Separator Bar Acquire the nature that matches your clothes and movements.


1. Read Chapter entitled "The Feminine Nature" in the book Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin. My lesson is only a condensation of the material in the book.

2. Take some time to make a list of your feminine and masculine character traits..

3. Pick one or two traits to start working on.

4. Ask your husband for help with something heavy. Let him open doors and do small things for you.

5. Let your husband protect you from real or imaginary dangers. Be fearful.

6. Discuss with your husband which jobs are masculine and which are feminine. See if he will take the masculine jobs.

7. If stuck with a masculine job, do it in a feminine manner, always asking for assistance and advice.

8. Take time to post your best tips or questions to the mailing list.

9. Read the next chapter so you are ready to move on.

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