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Quieting the Children

A Dilema From N. B.:

This (making him #1) is kind of hard around here. It seems like my dh is just so easy going and good natured that when he is trying to talk to me, if the kids are yelling for my attention or something, he will just quit talking and save it for later. I have really tried to tell my kids that DADDY was talking and they will have to wait their turn. But with the way he is, sometimes it is just easier to let them say what they wanted to and talk to him when it's quieter.

Reply from Mrs. R.

Eventually I realized that it was good for the children for me to stop them and say, "Your father is speaking, please wait" even though he did not appear to mind.

Shake and Bake

When J.C. sent this to the list:

We had a honey ham as the centerpiece of our Christmas meal. Unfortunately, I had to buy a *much* larger ham than we needed. Can I freeze the ham? How long is it good in the fridge?

S.F read for an instant "freeze the man". Here is her tongue-in-cheek reply:

I'm not sure why anyone would want to freeze the man. I really wonder what he has done (you didn't give us many details). It was bad enough that he was the centerpiece at the table, but isn't this going a bit far? You need to read the chapter on "making him number one". He needs to feel he is first in your life. Don't treat him as if he were some farm animal. He does much more than just bring home the bacon and you need to appreciate his efforts. Just ignore him next time he grunts or snorts at you. My husband always says if you wallow with a pig in the mire, he'll enjoy it and you won't. You can make better use of your freezer by using it for leftovers.

Hope this helps,



She Gave Him a Place

J.P. sent this to the list:

I have to tell you about my experience with the bathroom drawer. I have been on the cleaning warpath lately, trying to get and keep this house in good shape. Well, all of our married lives I have dominated the closets, bathroom drawers etc. I have never let my husband have a place to put his stuff. I have always just shoved his stuff here and there without much regard to him. Well, I cleaned out all of my junk out of the bathroom and condensed what I had left and put my husbands stuff in the best drawer in the bathroom (the biggest and the one on top).

When he came home later that night I showed him what I had done, and I have to tell you I was amazed at his response. He was SOOOO appreciative!!! It really ment alot to him. And then I said, "Well, honey you deserve this drawer and a whole lot more for as much as you do for us." ( I felt a little out of my comfort zone saying this, we usually aren't this mushy, but I DID it) And I swear to you his whole character changed for the night. He was so sweet and kind and very enjoyable to have around. It was a great success!!

When a Man Comes Home

This came from Mrs. Andelin's workbook pages.

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