Masculine and Feminine Roles Success Stories

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Calling Women Home

S.F. wrote these thoughts:

The thing I like the most about FW is it's call to bring women back to the home. It teaches that there are definite spheres for men and women. Today's world is full of mixed up values and morals. Our blurring of roles is precisely what causes the injustice of the justice system. Women have fought for years for "equal" rights. Now they are getting them. what other standard is the system going to judge by? All that is left to them is a monetary standard. Women used to nearly always be given custody of the children. She had been their primary care-giver and had given her husband and family the "best years of her life". The husband in turn gave monetary support. Most men of a few years back were not dead-beat dads. Now the women work outside the home competing in a man's world. Her children have seen as much of her as they have their dad. The daycare center or government school system has been their primary care-giver and has taught them their values.

So what are we as FW to do? We are literally left with no place in this world. We are looked down upon as simpletons - too unsophisticated to know what's "really" important. They tell us "Your career needs you.", but when you grow old what do you have left? The company dumps you for someone younger and your children don't want to be burdened by you. So you see, I see no career (my home is my career) or higher education (the Bible, and other books are my higher education) put "on hold" as a sacrifice.

Differences Between Men and Women

Here's some insight from S. B.:

Sondra is right, but those of us of a "certain age" were lucky in that as little girls we were allowed to be "girly" and feminine - wear dresses, be afraid of snakes and frogs, play dolls - for much longer than little girls today and were approved for it. The tomboy, instead of being the permanent ideal, was expected to "grow out of it" eventually. All this changed about the time we graduated from high school and we were, of course, affected by the society around us. I've always realized how lucky I was to be raised by a mom who had a real FW understanding of men. There are points I need to work on (some of them a lot), but I had a wonderful initial role model for acceptance and admiration. I never expected men to be like women, so I was never disappointed when they weren't. Masculine traits were admired at our house ( I have three brothers), but faults were accepted, as well. Each sex was valued for its contribution to society. I don't think little girls see a lot of that today - all they are exposed to on TV and other media are men and women in competition with each other, being rude and insulting to each other, without any positive differences between the sexes being shown. Of course, there was a feminine caricature present before that - the "dumb Dora", w/o the Agnes, to which we don't want to return. But that's not our goal... The longer we can protect and preserve our daughter's natural femininity and present it to them as a wholesome, rewarding way to live, the greater service we can do them. The reactions of the men in the family to Mom as an FW will be a big help, too.

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