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A Critter in the House

This story comes from the early days of the mailing list. It was sent in by Mrs. G.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was quite eventful. I had thirteen people over for dinner, my husband had to work all day. I kept hearing noises all day and was starting to think I was going crazy. About half-way through the day I went down in the basement and discovered that we had a squirrel in the drop-ceiling! I was so grateful that I had a husband to call on to get rid of the critter! It brought to mind the concept in FW that submission to our husbands is for our own protection. It was very comforting to know that I didn't have the responsibility of "killing my own snake". Since I have started to try to live the principles in FW I have really seen a change in my husband's attitude towards me. Before, when I needed him I would try to get him to do what I wanted through manipulation of some sort. I held resentments against him when I didn't feel he was living up to my expectations. Now I find that he is willing to go that extra mile for me because he knows how much I rely on and admire him.

A Little Mouse

This one comes from A.

Two weeks ago dh saw a mouse in the kitchen (!) before leaving for work. Of course, I was terrified, and jumped onto the counter. He roared with laughter, set a trap, and told me not to "freak out" if I saw it during the day.

Midmorning I heard a horrible scratching sound in an upstairs bathroom. Quickly, I closed the door and backed up. To my horror, I saw the silhouette of what appeared to be rat beneath the door. I called dh at work, who advised me to borrow a neighbors cat. Although the cat didn't find our four-legged friend, it gave me a sense of security.

That evening I met dh on the porch saying, "Am I glad you are home!" He grinned and set another trap. The next morning he found a small mouse in it, and I repeatedly thanked him for his bravery. Although he teased me unmercifully for being afraid of "a little mouse" and imagining it was a rat, that evening he said (again), "So you're glad I caught the mouse, huh?"

He obviously enjoyed protecting me, and hearing my repeated praise! :)

A Woman's Need For Protection
This one is a bit frightening, but makes such a good point. Thanks again to A. who sent this on the heels of the above story.

Recently, an acquaintance of a friend went to our local mall with her husband. They decided to go to separate stores across the isle from each other, and to meet in 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, he walked toward their meeting place, only to see two strange men "escorting" his stumbling, lethargic wife away. He yelled and ran toward them. They dropped her and ran away.

They had poked her with a needle containing drugs to temporarily incapacitate her. After being rescued by her husband, she remained "out of it" for 4 hours.

Oh, it gives me chills, and a newfound appreciation for dh's insistence to accompany me on shopping trips. (This mall was in a small city, normally considered "safe.") I think I will thank him again for his protection.

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