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He's Taking Over the Job!

R. C. sent in the following letter describing her attempt and success in the area of family finances.

I have been trying for a while now to have my dh take over the finances like FW recommends, but with no luck. He was determined that I would learn to do them and stick within budget, although he mostly did not. After trying many tactics I gave up and just tried to live FW as the book suggests for this situation. Well we arrived home on Sunday and dh asked where we were at. When he usually asks this he is talking about the finances, so I said that I'd have to sit down and work out the books after our holiday. Surprisingly enough, he was talking about something else, and said that he didn't realise I was so stressed about the money and that he'd realised on our holiday and had decided to take the books off my hands. I nearly fainted on the spot, and showered on the thanks, appreciation and praise!!! What a miracle. He still wants me to be involved in the financial planning side of things but says he will ask my opinion on things but not ask me to make a decision. All I have to do is stick to my grocery budget! I'm so pleased and had a huge thanks session in my prayers for such a miracle, for giving me such a wonderful and understanding husband, and for leading me to FW!!!

She'll Never Go Back to the Old Ways

Here's one from C.M.

I have been asking DH to take over the finances and he was a little at a time. Meaning at first I did all the deciding where the money would go. Then he decided and I paid the bills. Now finally, he has taken them completely over. He gave me cash for groceries and essentials and I have to make it last for the entire month. I am so used to just writing a check and not worrying about how much I spent. I have to admit I feel my flesh dying a bit. But, last Friday evening my husband took me out to dinner, as I was sitting there I had a revelation as to why it is so important for our husbands to have this authority in the area of finances. I had a memory of my dad taking care of me. If I needed lunch money I went to dad, new dress, money for swim pool, etc. I always went to dad, he always took care of me and it endeared him to me. As we ate dinner I shared this with Don, he looked at me kind of funny then I saw his face tenderize when I said to him, "Thank you for taking care of me." He smiled and said, "You're welcome".

When I woke up this morning, I realized I was laying in a nice warm bed, in a nice cozy house with lovely things, that I get to enjoy all day , that this wonderful man has provided for me. He has laid down his life to buy these things for me. It is the least I can do to honor him and serve him in respect and love.

I also had to go to two doctors last Monday. Our doctors are 2.5 hours away in a big city. I hate driving in that city. I mentioned to Don that I wasn't looking forward to the drive and he volunteered to take a day off of work and take me. Praise God. We had a wonderful day, we didn't even fuss one time.

Well, I just want you all to know that if you ever think of going back to the old way, (not that I think any of you would), don't, it's worth hanging on.

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