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Mrs. Goodwife

Sondra sent in this story about a wife who is easily pleased.

This story reminds me somewhat of "The Wife" quoted in FW.

A man takes his old cow to town to trade for something he and his wife need. Before he gets to town, he trades for a goat, then trades for a dog, trades again and again, with each trade seemingly getting worse and worse. In town, the man meets two fellows and brags about all of his trades and how happy his wife will be with his final acquisition. These men walk back with the Goodman, amazed at his faith that his trading will please his wife. The men decide to make Goodman a bet: "Goodman, if your wife is truly happy with these flower seeds, we will give you a bag of gold; if not, you will give us your flower seeds." Goodman says "Sure."

The men propose that they will listen by the door to see what the Goodwife says. This is what they hear:
"Goodwife, I traded for a goat."
"How wonderful, we could use a goat." says the Goodwife.
"But then I traded for a dog."
"Even better, a dog would keep us safe!" she says.
"Then I traded for a tomcat." "How smart a trade; we need a tomcat for those mice."
"Then the last minute, I traded for a bag of flower seeds."
"Surely you are the kindest man on earth, always thinking of me." says Goodwife, and she gave him a big hug and kiss.

The men outside were amazed!! When Goodman comes out, they say, "Here's your gold. But what you have is more precious than gold!"

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