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What Do You Give When You Are Squeezed?

This is a great post from Cindy.

If you squeeze an orange, what comes out? Well, orange juice of course. Why? Because that's what's inside. Well, if someone squeezes us by saying hurtful things, disagreeing, being harsh...etc., what comes out of us? What comes out of us is what's inside. (Out of the mouth the heart speaks) Well, then that means that if my husband is harsh and rude to me and I respond by being bitter and self-righteous, then that is what was inside of me. My husband didn't cause it to be there. He just squeezed the orange.

Also, something else I've learned here lately is this: We have two choices whenever we're "squeezed". We can choose to be "kind" or we can choose to be "right". The way I look at it is that if we are focused on being right and that is all that matters, we're probably being selfish, prideful, etc. in our hearts. We are simply feeding this pride and self-focused attitude whenever we're trying to "win" and be "right". This won't ever make us happy!! These negative thoughts won't make us happy! Choosing to be kind isn't always easy but it will make you happier in the end because you're filling your heart with "good" instead of "bad".

Pleasure in Simple Things

We could all learn a thing or two from Nancy, who wrote these words.

Here's a topic we haven't talked much about, having to do with inner happiness: Enjoyment of simple pleasures. I have found myself really enjoying this part of the late summer, the feeling of the carpet under my feet (our old house had wood floors, and one single piece of grit on the floor would get under my bare foot and make it no fun to walk on, but the carpet is so warm and soft and clean!), the silky cool clean feeling of a just-bathed child's hand, and running up and down the stairs in my new house, feeling my light cotton skirt float around my legs. This is so much fun, with the floating skirt feeling, that I've been actually looking forward to those "tiresome" trips up and down the stairs to put away laundry, just so I can feel my skirt float around my legs! These are just a few of the things I've been noticing, and it's so much fun!

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