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Sarah's Meek and Quiet Character

From Karen:

I was just reading about Sarah in Genesis the other day, and it reminded me of the part in FW where she talks about the French woman (Nina Lenclos?) who charmed three generations of men or something like that. I am 31 and never married (and I think I understand why, now that I've read FW) so sometimes I feel like younger women are more attractive and no one will ever pay attention to me.

However, I read in Genesis that Sarah was about 90 when the king of the Philistines took her to be his wife after being told that she was Abraham's sister. (but God prevented it.) This was actually the second time it had happened; the first time (when I think she was not all that much younger) Pharaoh decided that she was "very beautiful" and was going to make her *his* wife!

Abraham had told Sarah to say she was his sister (she *was* his half-sister) because he was afraid other men would kill him for her! A 90-year-old??? How in the world???

But then I thought of someplace in the New Testament where women are told to be like Sarah because she had a quiet and gentle spirit. The place it talks about this it is talking about the inner attitude women should have, actually in contrast to fixing your hair and other external things. But it obviously made a very external difference for Sarah! So it looks like a quiet, feminine attitude makes enough difference to make a 90-year-old the most desirable woman around!


His Guardian Angel

Melyssa wrote the following story which illustrates many different points of Fascinating Womanhood:

I had been to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and since I was a new patient it took probably about 2 hours. The whole time I was in there my husband had been watching our 3 children in the car. (I have a boy - 3, two girls - one 2 years old, and one 2 months old.) As you can imagine he was not in best mood, which I tried to lighten some with childlikeness (which worked).

On the way home he wanted to stop at a christian bookstore so we did. He was the only one who went in while I stayed with the children in the car. I would say he was in there at least 1 1/2 hours.

The whole time he was shopping all of the kids were crying, fighting, and wanting out of the car in general. Well when he came out I was pretty frazzled and getting ready to blow up at him for taking so long. But for some reason I decided not to and just treated him kind and loving instead. (I bit my tongue almost off!) Well, as I was calming down he put a box in my lap and said, "This is for you." Inside was a little crystal angel on a wooden plaque in front of a mirror. Written on the mirror in pretty calligraphy was this poem:

Angel of God,
My guardian dear,
God's divine love,
Has sent you here,
Ever this day,
Be at my side,
To lead and guard,
To light and guide.

After I had seen what was in the box he said, "That is the way I feel about you". Then he added, "I am so glad God gave me a wife like you. I would never have tried to find the Lord again without you".

Things just seem to be changing in my life so fast. I was almost ready to give up again. I just feel so happy, you can't imagine the difference in him!


For Yourself

Sondra always tries to drive this point home:

I was thinking today also that until we are living the fundamentals of FW we cannot expect our husbands to change. So we start to incorporate FW ideas and then we stand with crossed arms, tapping our toes, impatiently waiting for him to change and wondering what's taking him so long! We need to remember that our reason for practicing any Godly principle is not for what we can get, but because we want to have good characters.

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