The Feminine Manner Success Stories

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Move About With Grace and Beauty, Like a Dignified Woman Should


She Admired Him Without Words

This tender example is from C. E.

I watched an old war/romance movie recently and the actress was beautifully feminine and childlike. She would innocently go up to her husband and smile at him and gently put her face up next to his. She just leaned her forehead against his while placing her hand on his cheek and smiled at him admiringly. It was a wonderful example of how to act childlike, womanly, loving and admiring at the same time. You could see it all over her face how much she loved, admired, and needed him.


They Thought She Was a Dancer

K.D. sent this in.

Small success story; I have been very unfeminine in how I move and walk, until FW. I have been working on being less jerky, less wild, and more ladylike over the past few months. Yesterday someone at work asked me if I was an Irish step dancer (I have no sense of rhythm for any kind of dance!)--she said I had such an elegant walk, the way Irish step dancers do!

How To Be Feminine in Conversation

Kraftee Ladie wrote this wonderful post.

I took a class years and years ago and it has served me well - "How to be a good conversationalist". Ask intelligent questions to lead them out and then listen. You can have absolutely no idea about what they are talking about, but can carry on if you spike in questions here and there.

For the single lady's out love to talk about their work. A woman who will ask and draw them out on this will be seen as fascinating. My DH is in a highly technical field. He is a supervising engineer for a trama implants manufacturer. It is an international company and involves travel to many different countries. I have a high school education and it was not until we had been married a couple years that he found out I had NO clue about what he does. It is sort of funny that he thought I completely comprehended everything about his job because I knew how to listen and I knew how to ask intelligent questions.

I often loose track of what he is saying but I look in his eyes and see the passion he has about his work. I hear the concern he has to make sure that everything is safe and up to codes. I sometimes will repeat back what he says to me to keep him talking and letting go of some of the pressure. I am his number one cheerleader and believe in him when he thinks that others don't. And I listen to him and it doesn't matter if I understand it all. I am his sounding board and I love to be that.

He is a quiet man. Not the type to be the center of attention and people would be surprised to know that he monopolizes most of our conversations at home. He would never do that anywhere else. I do interrupt him at times, butthe interruptions are to keep him talking, sometimes to help him see how others might think.

I also make it a point to keep up with what is going on in the world. In his job, politics insist that he be current and most of our dinner conversation is about what is in the news. This serves me well in other conversations as well. I represent him at certain functions and though I lack the formal education that most have in these circles, I have become self-educated.

If it is a disagreement that DH has with me....well again especially if it is unfair or unwarranted, I choose silence and try not to interrupt. More than once he has unleased a torrent of words and I sat quietly looking down at my hands until he finally asks me to say something. The moments I sat in silence gave me opportunity to say what I really want said, not lashing out.

One night I did not do the dishes. The next morning he was upset about it (more likely stressed about work) and went into a long session about my "flaws" I sat quietly looking at my hands and wiping an occasional tear. When he finally asked for me to say something, I told him that he had been working such long hours and I know I only have two hours in the evening with him and could not bear to spend any of that precious time away from his side doing dishes that could be done while he was at work. What could he do but scoop me up in his arms and tell me he didn't deserve me?

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