Antique Japanese Watercolor

I do not have much information about the picture you see at right. It is framed with a black enameled frame with gold Japanese characters on all sides. There is a little wear on the frame. Although it looks bent, (I could not get a very good photo to show this), the frame is actually very straight and square.

The artist used fine strands of silk, made into strips, which are then interwoven to make a checkerboard-type of arrangement. The silk was then watercolored. The silk has a high, natural sheen to it.

Around the silk is a black or very dark-blue mat of approximately 1". Beautiful metalic gold and silver add flecks of color.

The measurement of the entire piece including frame is 20" x 9.5". ( There are no white dots as the picture shows. You just have to forgive my ignorance of digital photo making.)

I would appreciate any information anyone could give us about this piece of artwork. It is for sale.

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