0.82kb Consolidate Activities on One Card 0.82kb

Here are a couple of examples of what I call "grouping". Notice these things about each card:

      b  They all have the same frequency.

      b  They all are done at one time.

      b  They all are done in the order on the card.

Daily cards are, of course, done everyday. Some of the activities are done every other day - I just skip it if it doesn't need to be done, but it is still grouped on a daily card where it will be in order when I do it.

0.82kb Daily Essentials 0.82kb


0.82kb Kitchen Upkeep Card 0.82kb

(Done right after "Daily Essentials Card" if possible.)


0.82kb Bathroom Upkeep Card



Here is a weekly card. Weekly cards are done on a specific day each week and then not done again until the same day of the next week rolls around.

0.82kb Weekly Card



It's a little hard to group your monthlies because they are usually bigger jobs. As you will remember, these jobs are spread throughout the entire week. I just put all my monthlies on one zone card per room or area. Here is an example of one of my station cards.

0.82kb Monthly or "Station" Card



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