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Do you have your supplies? If not, click on the link and get them; then you can work along with the instructions in the next section.
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Take a look at the card below. This card represents the bones or skeleton that the rest of my cleaning and organizing system is built around. You need to do one of these. You will run in circles and get nothing done if you do not.

The first column (with the capital letters) corresponds to each day of the week. I do no work on Sunday so it is not represented.

Next to each day of the week is a number. This number tells me what station I am in each week. (More on station later.)

My house has been broken down into areas of focus, and these are listed next to the numbers.

Laundry for the day is listed in the last column.

To work on this card, think about your house and the rooms that sort of "go" together. Think of the amount of work that goes into each area and try to have about the same amount of work on each day (see next paragraph).

My Basic Week Plan allows for 5 or 6 days of morning work, leaving my afternoons free. It is also an option to group your work on heavy and moderate cleaning days and have an entire day free. The plan is flexible and you can change it as you learn how you work best. The important thing is have a plan and work it. You can work the kinks out of it as you go.

I like to have my kitchen cleaned up on Monday so it's ready for the rest of the week. I do our library, office, and paperwork on Thursday because it's payday. I do the upstairs Friday because I like the bedrooms and sheets clean for the weekend. Think about your week and what would work best with your family.

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Follow the link to the next step in your journey to getting truly organized and staying that way.

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