0.82kb Get Your Supplies Together 0.82kb

For this leg of the journey you will need the following items from the supply list:

  1. the file box
  2. 1-31 numbered divider cards
  3. 1-6 blank divider cards
  4. Jan - Dec divider cards
  5. your Basic Week Plan card
  6. your individual task cards
  7. the small calendar

Label the blank dividers with "Station 1, Station 2, etc. through Station 6".

0.82kb Assemble the Box 0.82kb

Open the file box and tape the calendar on the top half of the lid. Tape your Basic Week Plan under the calendar.

Find the number that corresponds to today's date in the 1-31 cards and place it in front with the remaining cards through 31 behind it. Now place the cards beginning with 1 that are remaining behind those.

Put the 6 labeled Station Dividers behind the number cards; then follow those with the Jan. through Dec. cards. Your file is now ready to use.

0.82kb File the Cards 0.82kb

Take your stack of yellow daily cards and place them in front of today's date in the file. Likewise, file all EOD cards in front of today if they have not been done today. If they have been done, file them in front of tomorrow's date.

Now you are ready to file your blue, weekly cards. Refering to your Basic Week Plan, file each blue card under the appropriate day of the week. For instance, if Monday is your kitchen day and the 8th is the next date that will be a Monday, all weekly (blue) kitchen cards go there. If Tuesday is your living and dining room days, then all cards will go on the 9th. If today is Wednesday, then those weekly cards will go on today's date (which would be the 3rd in our example). File EOW cards in the current week if they have not been done, or one week away if they have been completed.

All white, monthly/seasonal/yearly cards and green special activity cards go in the Station sections. Take a look back at the sample Basic Week Card. My station focus and my weekday focus are the same. For example, Station 1 and Weekday 1 (Monday) are kitchen and pantry focus. File all white cards in front of the correct station.

Pink cards will go all over the place. File appointment cards for this month in front of the appropriate day or a day or two ahead if you need a reminder. Appointment cards for other months go in front of that month's divider. Personal care items go in daily or weekly slots. I think you get the idea.

You should not have any cards left.

0.82kb Finishing Up 0.82kb

Place all your leftover empty cards behind the Jan. - Dec. cards along with the scratch pad, a pencil, and a pen. Your file is now ready to use.

0.82kb How to Work With Your Cards 0.82kb

Follow the link to the next step in your journey to getting truly organized and staying that way.

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