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All right. It's Monday morning. It's a new day - a new week even, and it's the day you've decided to get the mastery over your life once and for all. You've got your file box all set up. Now where do you go from here?

I need to back-track just a little and explain Stations. Stations are nothing more than all the work you want to do on a monthly basis. Each week has a focus all it's own. I happen to have 6 stations because my house is very large. Here's what they look like just for you to get an idea:

  • Station 1 - kitchen, breakfast nook and pantry
  • Station 2 - living and dining rooms
  • Station 3 - bedrooms (2) and bathrooms (2)
  • Station 4 - library, sewing room, office work, paper work
  • Station 5 - upstairs (hall, 3 bedrooms (my daughter does her own bedroom)
  • Station 6 - porches (2), laundry room (separate from house), yard

If you will look back on my Basic Week Plan Card you will notice that my assigned stations and my days of the week are the same. In plain English this means for one whole week I do my kitchen station and on Monday I do my kitchen weeklies. On Tuesday I do my living and dining weeklies, but I am still on kitchen station (Station 1) until a new week arrives. When Monday rolls around again I will do my kitchen weeklies, but move on to my Station 2 items which are living and dining monthly jobs.

Here is what you do: on Monday, you pull out all the cards from your Station #1 and file them in front of today (Monday). Do as many as you can. Once a card is completed it is refiled in front of the Station #1 tab. The rest are forwarded to Tuesday. As you complete them, file in front of the Station divider. Next Monday, you pull out all the cards from Station #2 and repeat the process.

You will notice that my jobs will not actually get done monthly, but instead every 6 weeks. That's ok. My weekly jobs keep the house looking great and if something gets extra messy I do it ahead of time and then file the card as if I had done it on time when it finally turns up in the process.

0.82kb The Daily Plan of Attack 0.82kb
Let's pretend it's morning. You have this boxful of cards in front of you. Take all of today's cards out of the file. Figure out what station you would like to begin with, and add those to the stack.

Sort your daily cards into 2 stacks, one for morning and one for evening. Put the morning cards in the order you would like to get them done and in an order that makes logical sense. (More on this in the next session.) "Take a shower" and "get dressed" (all the way down to comfortable shoes) is ALWAYS #1 on the list. Next is "make the bed". After that it depends on your family. I make my husband breakfast and fix his lunch box. Then I do the dishes, start laundry and pick up clutter. (More on clutter later - see note below). These items I call my "daily essentials". They have to be done before I leave the house and they have to be done every day - no excuses!

Next I move on to my other, less-important daily tasks. I put away the dishes and the dish drainer, wipe sink and counters, sweep the floor and wipe the stove. My kitchen looks good enough for company at this point and ALL THIS ONLY TAKES ABOUT 20 MINUTES!

My next set of daily cards are for the bathroom. This will really get you. This is 5 minutes, 7 at the most. I go in the bathroom and I spray everything. I spray window cleaner on mirror and back of toilet, tilex soap scum remover goes on sink and tub/shower, and toilet cleaner (if needed - usually weekly) goes in the bowl. Then I have a dry rag. I wipe the mirror, then get it damp and wipe sink; then tub. Last of all I wipe the toilet with the rag and brush the bowl. Rugs and towels are straightened. 5 MINUTES! BATHROOM SHINES!

I have some other daily cards, but you get the idea. Daily things are JUST UPKEEP - DON'T FORGET THIS POINT. Think of maintenance and routine when you think of daily cards. Maintenance is maintaining heavier work done at another time - things like the breakfast dishes and today's laundry; routine is things like brushing your teeth - you just have to do it everyday.

0.82kb The Weekly and Station Cards 0.82kb

After your daily cards are finished (it should still be very early in the day) move onto your weekly things. My kitchen weeklies are things like mop, clean inside of microwave, wipe cabinet fronts, wipe inside of window, wash trash can and polish where needed. Certain things get grimy faster than others and I kind of spot clean. Weekly things are also maintenance items, but need less frequency than a daily. For instance, you may need to vacuum once a day or once a week, it all depends on your home and its traffic patterns. Your weekly cards should not take more than an hour a day.

Let's say you got a good start on the day. You got up early (6:00), took your shower and put on your make up, made your bed and got your breakfast out of the way. It's around 7:00 and you do your kitchen dailies and bathroom dailies, it's 8:00 now. Your weeklies should be over with at 9:00. Now you get to work on STATIONS! Aren't you excited?!?

Stations include those heavy cleaning items that you do occasionally, but with regularity. My kitchen station is my biggest station and is most likely yours, too. Pick up a station card and do it. Mine are things like clean oven, clean fridge, defrost freezer (seasonal) wash outside of windows (seasonal), wash curtains (if necessary - if not, skip it), wax floors, etc. I do as many station cards as I can until 12:00 then I quit until I have to do my evening work. (This is also where the decluttering process comes in.)

If you have lots of station cards for a particular station and not so many in another, it doesn't hurt to carry some cards over to another station. My upstairs is an easy station, so I use some of the time to do jobs from other areas.

I have 3 - 4 hours EVERY DAY to do the fun stuff I enjoy doing (like these pages) and I do it in pleasant, clean surroundings. Don't have the idea that you have to do all your work in one day. If you stick to it you will make progress and it will get easier.

0.82kb Those Green Cards 0.82kb

We are almost finished! Green cards are success cards! You can look back on them and see how you've made headway. Green cards are one-time jobs. You will use these for things like making gifts, decorating projects, crafts, and in the decluttering process.

Some of my finished green cards are "Declutter and Organize Secretary". I do not want to have to declutter this particular piece of furniture every time my living room station rolls around! No!!! I do it ONCE and then I make a blue weekly card that says, "maintain secretary". I NEVER want to have to declutter it again. Same for closets, pantrys (the hardest for me - I do have to declutter it over and over), shelves, drawers, etc. After a thing is dealt with ONCE it gets some sort of maintenance card.

Each week - and it takes about 1 minute - I check for flops - you know, the stuff you drop and it goes "flop" and stays where it shouldn't. I put the things where they go. Mind you...I don't flop things there. No, no, no. I put things where they go when I am finished. It's other people who do this. (They shall remain nameless, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)

0.82kb Gaining the Edge 0.82kb

Would you like to know what habits make the difference between success and failure? Here is a list of some of the most important traits to cultivate.

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