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  1. Always, always, always, get up, shower and get dressed before anything else. It helps your attitude, your image of yourself, and gets you out of bedclothes - which keeps you out of bed! While you're at it, put on some make-up. Look like somebody who cares about what they do. This is an important job.

  2. Make your bed. It is all right to do this right after getting up. I never seem to do it before I shower, however.

  3. Establish a list of "Daily Essentials" as discussed in a previous page. These are the things that pile up mercilessly if not done daily. These are things you (or a delegate) have to do every single day - no exceptions. It doesn't matter what step on the ladder of household organization you are at. Dishes, laundry, trash, mail, newspapers, and dealing with daily clutter are on this list. (This is not major decluttering. It should be a quick run through to pick up any stray items left out and not put away or trashed.)

  4. I am going to repeat myself. Do laundry everyday as soon as you can. I usually start it right after I get dressed and make the beds. Take a look at the basic week plan and do whatever is on the list to do. I know some people have a "laundry day", and that's fine if you do it once a day, but it never worked well for me.

  5. Establish a list of tasks you do every evening. This is called your "Evening routine". Mine is very simple. It's just brush teeth, get coffee ready, have kitchen cleaned, and quick clutter check. I can do more, but I never do less.

  6. Never give up and never despair, but if you do, keep working. You will make it. I am living proof. I didn't know how to do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, and now things are under control. I have areas that need work, areas that need decluttered still, but the improvement is so vast that I am amazed. I never want to go back to my embarrassing slob days.

  7. Never put anything down somewhere just because it's easy or convenient. WHAT A LIE THAT IS! It's far from easy or convenient to realize that one thing here and another there has crept up into a big chunk of time to fix. Put things where they go as soon as you are done with them. As you declutter you will establish places, but start on this habit now.

  8. Stick to it. Don't get discouraged and think of how much you have to do. Use your cards to prioritize and take one step at a time. Keep focused on this one step. You may not think you are making headway, but you are. It will show one of these days.

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  1. Mark your mattress with a "1, 2, 3, and 4" either with tape or a permanent marker on the upper-side head and foot and the under-side head and foot. (It can be a very small mark. Who's going to see it?) Start with #1 at the upper-side, head of the bed. When you turn your mattress (monthly, white card - go make one - good for your health and the life of the mattress) you know what side goes on top and at the head next since it's the next number in the sequence. One month #1 will be at the top, next month #2 is at the top and so on.

  2. Sponges on sponge mops usually do not wear evenly. Unscrew or unpop it when it starts to show wear, and turn it 180 and you will extend its life.

  3. Keep trash can liners in the bottom of trash cans. When you take the trash out immediately put in the new liner from the bottom of the can.

  4. Let your cleansers do the work. Spray everything at one time; allow it to set a bit; then go back and wipe. This does not work for things that dry quickly, or that should not set a long time. It does work for stoves, sinks, counters, tubs, toilets, mirrors, refrigerators, ovens, etc. You get a lot more done if you go do something else while things soften and soak.

  5. Have baskets to sort laundry into, don't just pile it up. Make this part of your "daily essential" card. I do it right before I start my laundry. I take the last day's laundry and sort it where it goes...takes about 30 seconds...then all I have to do is grab the proper basket, fill the washer, and go. No hunting all over the house to make sure everything is in the load I just started like I used to do.

    The ideal goal would be to train all your family members to sort the laundry as they use it into the proper basket. Have a place to hang wet rags and towels to dry. At one time I had this plan, but my laundry room is outside now, so I just do it all myself.

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This makes me chuckle. I can't believe that I am actually telling someone else how to clean a room. Incredible.

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