Organizing meals into a smooth, flowing operation is not difficult. The steps listed beginning on this page will walk you through it step-by-step. Some of the steps are time consuming, but when you are through you will have a well-organized plan custom designed to fit your family's needs.

Step One

I'm going to hit you with the hardest step first. You're going to work on combing through recipe books and copying down all the recipes youuse. For years I have had recipe books stacked on my shelf that I may have used once a year or on special occasions. So, step one, write down any recipes from these nearly useless books; then give them away or store them for a garage sale. Write down recipes from every section of the book, not just main dishes. Below is an example of some of my cards.

I do most of my cooking for a month in 3 or so sessions. In other words, I cook 3 days and enjoy it for 30 - 45 days. As you do Step One, you will find recipes you can make in bulk and then use in several different ways. The card on top is a recipe for a bulk item: Mini Meatloaf. The other two cards use the Mini Meatloaf. Card three uses the bulk meatloaf instead of the recipe listed.

I worked on this phase over the course of several evenings. You can work on a few books at a time and then move on to Step Two. See you in a few days.

Bulk Recipe Card

Recipe Card Using Bulk Meatloaf

Recipe Card Substituting Bulk Meatloaf