Accept Him

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Assignment for Lesson #3

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1. Read chapter 3, or the chapter in your book entitled "Accept Him".

2. Make a list of his faults. Be realistic. You must be aware of what you need to accept. If you begin to have trouble in your marriage, refer back to this list to see if there is something you are not accepting.

3. Make a list of your faults, too. It will help you realize that living with you isn't always a piece of cake. :-) Accept yourself as you are and begin working on your character one day and trait at a time.

4. As an ice breaker say something like, " I am glad you are the kind of person you are. I can see that I have not understood you in the past. You have not let me push you around. I'm glad you had the courage of your convictions. Will you forgive me for not accepting you and give me a chance to be a wonderful wife?"

5. Write in your journal/love booklet any favorable reactions.

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