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I thought you might like to know a little about someone whose life has been changed because of applying Godly principles - namely me. I am one of the moderators of the mailing list found at the address below. My story is not unique. Many women can attest that their lives have been changed for the better by changing their own world-view to one that incorporates these teachings.

The teachings of Fascinating Womanhood are so far removed from today's woman, that at first glance it's hard to believe anyone really practices them, but I can tell you from experience they work. The teachings are not only relevant to our current society, but they are timeless - they will endure as long as the human race does.

I was born in the mid-1950's near the end of the baby-boom years. If you figure my age this made me a youngster during the swinging 60's and a teen in the free-love 70's. I was taught the full range of feminist ideals as were most girls my age. I got caught up in the prevalent thought of the day. However, the problem was I never stopped to question these philosophies. I just choked them down while being force-fed by "experts" I never questioned.

I married at a fairly young age, 19, and set out to have a glorious marriage and make a happy home. What I made was a big mess. Nothing was turning out the way I had hoped and planned. We were unhappy, fought all the time, disagreed on everything, and were generally miserable. I was discouraged, downcast, and without much hope.

I had given my life to God in high school. Prayer and pleading with God was not seeming to get me any nearer my goal. I was unlike many women my age. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and full-time wife. Why was I failing at my life's goal? What was I missing? Why through all my striving was I never any nearer my dreams? I soon found out the answers to these questions through a couple of eye-opening books.

About 10 years into my marriage I read Mary Pride's The Way Home*. In this excellent book Mrs. Pride takes the feminist movement on point-by-point and explains where they have missed the mark. She explains how feminist teachings are exactly opposite of sound biblical teachings. Part of the keys were falling into place: I was beginning to get my eyes opened. I knew what to do, but was lacking in the "how" to do it.

So I kept crying, praying, and crying some more. I was not happy, and it seemed even with the best of intentions and heart-motives, I was failing. My house was a shambles most of the time, I sighed a lot, my children were split down the middle not knowing where to place their allegiance.

Then I found another book. Actually, I had read it many years before, but had tossed it aside as too archaic. The book is called Fascinating Womanhood**and was the rest of the answer to my prayers. Finally! Something to show me howto live the ideals and values I held dear. Between the covers of the book Mrs. Andelin lays down practical lessons in everyday living. She explains how to understand men. She discloses how they think and what makes them tick. She makes it clear that all the things we think are right, are wrong! Again, it is 180 opposite to what I naturally think or had ever been taught.

Since man and woman were created with a design by a thoughtful Creator and endowed with certain characteristics; then these same truths will work for you. Your man is no different at the core than any other man. The principles are the same. Just like you have certain built in traits in common with all other women. The fundamental truths in Fascinating Womanhood will help your marriage to blossom just like it did mine.

*The Way Home
Crossway Books
1300 Crescent Street
Wheaton, IL 60187

**Fascinating Womanhood
Bantam Books
1540 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Both of these books are available on-line through several book sellers.

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