The Ideal Woman From a Man's Point of View...

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You need to view women through a man's eyes in order to understand what his ideal is. The masculine view is quite different from your own. In fact, he may not even know what it is he loves about women. (I have come to find out they know very well what it is they don't like and it is causing loads of problems in our young men today.)

Women tend to appreciate poise, talent, intellect, cleverness, and beauty, whereas men appreciate girlishness, vivacity, tenderness, a spark for life, dependency, sweetness and an ability to understand men.


The Angelic and the Human

The ideal woman from a man's point of view is made up of two parts. The Angelic side has to do with qualities of spirit and includes a good character, domestic skills, her understanding of men, and inner happiness. These traits cause a man to put you up a little higher than himself, on a pedestal so to speak. He wants you to be a finer person than he is. The Human side is made up of the characteristics of femininity, gracefulness, charm, radiant happiness, good health, childlikeness and your appearance. The Angelic traits make you a bit untouchable and lofty, but the Human traits bring you back down to earth and make you touchable and tangible.Together they make a perfect woman from a man's viewpoint.


Agnes and Dora

You need to read the section of Mrs. Andelin's comparison of Agnes and Dora taken from "David Copperfield". They each had characteristics that were heavily one-sided which always left David wanting. He married Dora, but she lacked the Angelic side. After her death he turned to Agnes. She lacked some of that playfulness and spark by which David's heart was fisrt captured by Dora. (The one thing that struck me in the story was David said that if Agnes would have been more "mindfull of herself" - that is a little saucy and demanding - he would have never chosen Dora over her. She was always too giving and looking out for his happiness and neglecting her own. This is a childlike trait.)

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