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Admiration differs from appreciation in that you appreciate a man for his worth as a human being, but you admire him for those qualities that make him uniquely a man. Deep in his heart a man longs for admiration and he likes getting it from all kinds of sources, but especially from the woman he loves.


Remember and do not forget:

The center of a woman's happiness is to be loved, but the center of a man's is to be admired. As you give admiration, he returns love. A woman who can meet this need is a treasure to him.

Men like admiration so much that they will do things on purpose just to give you an opportunity to ohh and ahh over him. Never let yourself be too busy, tired or preoccupied to notice. Mrs. Andelin states in the book that men stray from their wives, not so much for a sexual need, but because they are thirsting for admiration.

He does not want you to admire those traits that are a like in both men and women. He wants you to notice and comment on his masculine traits and abilities. The very first thing you need to comment on in his masculine body. These are the physical features that set him apart from women - large build, tight muscles, deep voice, large hands, hairy chest, mustache or beard, etc. Move on to admiring his special masculine skills and abilities, masculine achievements, masculine goals and dreams, masculine character traits, and his masculine role as the leader and guide.

In order to find things to admire you will need to think about him. Get your focus off of your problems and chores and onto his. You will also need to observe him and keep your eyes open. Lastly, listen to him talk.

There is a special skill in being a good listener. Follow this rule: Do not listen only to what he is saying, but to the man who is saying it. It doesn't matter if he talks over your head or if he talks about a subject totally uninteresting to you, you can still use the occasion to admire the man doing the talking. He will say things deliberately to arouse your admiration - don't miss your chance.


Rules For Admiration

1. Be sincere. If you are using superficial flattery he will see it as just a manipulative ploy to gain some benefit for yourself.

2. Be specific. Don't just say something vague about him being manly. You need to say how he is being manly and be ready with an answer.

3. Accept him first. If you admire some things but are critical of others it will be like serving him a piece of moldy pie with whipped cream on it in an attempt to disguise it.

4. Think about him, observe him, and listen to him talk.

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