Masculine and Feminine Roles

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Masculine and feminine roles, defined below, are not an invention of man's thinking or merely tradition, but are divine in origin. It was God Himself who placed men and women in specific and recognizable roles. The man's role is as the:

The woman was given a corresponding, compatible role. Her role is that of:

This is the most important statement for you to understand in this lesson. Although masculine and feminine roles differ in definition, they are equal in importance. The two roles fit together just like two pieces of a puzzle - they interlock and hold together - as the pieces are put in place a beautiful picture unfolds.

In the section on Division of Labor in the book, there is a story of an experiment in a commune. In the 70's a group decided to leave behind the establishment roles and capitalist environment. They all, regardless of sex, worked side-by-side paying no heed to type of work. Traditional roles were disregarded.

What they found is very interesting. Women are fit for different work than men. (Wow. What a revelation...) Women naturally performed tasks like sewing and mending easier because of their hands. Men excelled at heavier work. You would think this equality of labor would have been a successful experiment, but the participants did not get along and found themselves bickering and quarreling. The whole community fell apart.

What can we learn from this experiment? I think it is clear that a successful marriage will have a division of labor based on gender. As each performs their respective role to the best of their ability, marriage will blossom. For the greatest fulfillment in your role as a woman you will need to face your duties with a sharp sense of responsibility, and learn feminine arts and skills.


Three Basic Needs

To help your husband succeed in his role you must understand three fundamental masculine needs.

  1. A man needs to operate in his given roles as guide, protector, and provider. Do not make the mistake of assuming his tasks and picking up the slack. Let him be the leader of your family. And remember to accept him and his faults, appreciate his efforts, and admire his abilities.
  2. A man needs to feel needed by his woman. Do not make the mistake of being too capable and not needing him. This will affect his feelings toward you.
  3. A man needs to excel women in this role. Do not make the mistake of doing things that are his responsibility better than he does. You must be careful not to put him down in any way. It's wonderful for you to excell in your role.


Blurring of Roles

A temporary blurring of roles is nothing to worry about and sometimes is necessary, but when these roles become the norm in a household problems arise. Children need strong examples of masculine and feminine roles if they are to develop their sexual nature.


Is It Fair?

Let's face it, homemaking is a difficult job if you take it seriously. Mothers may begin their days very early, work hard all day, and then be up in the wee hours of night. When looking at it it seems like the men have the easier job. But think about it. He bears the weight of a heavy responsibility. His job may or may not be as difficult as yours, but it will be of a longer duration. There will come a time when your children are grown and things become easier.

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