The Protector

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Just by observing the physical nature of men and women we can see that men were created to be the protectors. They are stronger and have greater endurance than women. Women are more tender and weaker and were made for more delicate tasks.

There has never been a period of time when women did not need the protection of men. Exactly what they need protection from falls into one of three categories: physical and emotional dangers, strenuous work, and difficulties.


A Man's Sense of Protection

Men have an inborn sense of protection toward women. Most men see it as their duty and privledge to protect women. But is this kind of chivalry dead? Have the feminists and psychologists killed it? Is it just a thing of some long forgotten age? We see women walking streets alone, taking long trips in automobiles, hitch-hiking, doing heavy, dirty work, filling leadership roles, working as police, in the armed forces, earning the living, and many other masculine tasks.



So again the question: Is chivalry dead, or is it just buried treasure waiting for someone to unearth it? Why don't we see more of this protective behavior from men if it is natural to them? The answer is right before our own eyes - we have become too capable. We have made it clear that we do not need or want masculine protection. We are able to kill our own snakes and change our own tires.

To awaken chivalry we absolutely must develop our feminine natures. We need to stop doing masculine tasks and having masculine attitudes and become tender, gentlewomen, who need protection and care. When you become more feminine you awaken your husband's tender love toward you.

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