Pandora's Box

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This May Surprise You

As you begin to put the practices of Fascinating Womanhood into practice you may encounter a stunning reaction from your husband. Instead of your husband reacting to your acceptance, admiration, appreciation, all your positive changes with affection and tenderness, he explodes with angry feelings toward his wife. It will leave you puzzled and hurt if you are not ready for this reaction and prepared to take it in the correct manner.


Why Does He Do This?

You must realize that up to this point your man has been afraid to express his feelings. He has not trusted you and therefore has retreated into his shell. Most men feel it is better to build up a wall of resentment and hold it all in rather than put their marriage in jeopardy.

After you begin applying the principles behind Fascinating Womanhood and he sees you are really changing, he begins to let down his guard and feel secure. The fear he had of speaking out will disappear until one day, they all come tumbling out at one time.


What Should You Do?

There are several things you can do.

  1. Be ready. If your husband has been holding in lots of these feelings, be prepared. You will most likely face this one day.

  2. Encourage him to speak. Let him get it all out.

  3. Do not defend yourself. Don't try to offer explanations or insist you were right.

  4. Take it quietly. Respond with things like, " I know you are right." "Please forgive me." "I'm sorry."


When It's Over

If you can ride the storm and keep your composure he will feel a sense of relief and freedom. His angry feelings will have been spent and in their place will return love and tenderness.

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