The Feminine Nature

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In this third part on femininity we discuss the feminine nature. The feminine nature has a weakness, softness, and delicateness about it. A feminine woman leans toward trustfulness, adaptability, and fearfulness. She is submissive to her husband and has a dependency upon men for their care and protection. In contrast, the masculine nature is stronger, harder, firmer. Men are natural leaders and guides, and as such, they have a natural tendency to command. They are competent, aggressive and protective. The feminine woman lacks these masculine tendencies.


Awaken Your Man

Feminine dress causes a man to notice a woman and makes him feel more of a man. The feminine manner brings out more of these differences, and adds to his feeling of manliness. Add to these the feminine nature in a woman which awakens a manís natural inclination to protect her. They all work together to form one total package of femininity each performing its own part. They are all intertwined to form a strong cord of female attraction and dependency. Together they cause a man to have the most pleasant of sensations - that of power and strength. The bigger, stronger and more masculine the man, the more he delights in sheltering and protecting a feminine woman.


In the Presence of a Capable Woman

How does a normal man feel in the presence of a capable woman? When a woman is independent and capable, able to meet or exceed a man on his own ground; when she doesnít need his manly care, protection, leadership or support, he simply doesnít feel like much of a man. She has met the challenge and turned out to be a better man than he is. Such women are repulsive to him. Just as sheltering a woman produces extreme satisfaction in a man, not being needed produces extreme humiliation and defeat. There is no joy in doing for a woman who is perfectly capable of doing for herself.


In the Presence of a Feminine, Dependent Woman

A soft, tender, gentle, trustful, dependent woman brings out a hardly perceptible feeling of protection that expands from himself to her. Such a woman gives him a pleasurable feeling of manly strength and power that is extremely gratifying. He feels more of a man, more capable, stronger, and bigger than he is. We tend to think that such a woman would cause a feeling of disgust or contempt due to lack of ability and masculine feelings, but quite the opposite happens - it brings out the best in him.


Admiration of the Independent Woman

There are times when an efficient, able, masculine type of woman receives the admiration of men. She may rival men with her management skills, be decisive and ingenious, and high up in the business world. The type of admiration a woman like this receives from a man is the same he would bestow on another man. It is doubtful he will find her attractive or that she will awaken his manliness. There are many such women who seem to have the respect of men, but the respect is seldom turned into love. It simply doesnít cross his mind to think of cherishing and protecting her for a lifetime.

We have to remember what matters to a man when he is seeking to enhance his own manliness. Itís not that he doesnít admire these women - they are healthy, charming and enjoyable, but they are not fascinated by them. They lack certain characteristics that stir a manís masculine emotions. They have an air about them that says, ďI can handle things on my own. I can kill my own snakes.Ē that clashes with the feminine nature. Those women that we admire arenít all that thrilling to men. We wonder what they see in the brainless dolls. Itís the women with the frail dependency and need for men that thrill them.

A man wants a woman who is part angel with a character he can look up to as even better than his own; then he wants her to be a helpless creature that he would like to scoop up in his arms to cherish and protect. The independent woman has the qualities of an angel, but are lacking those human qualities that endear her to the opposite sex.


What If You Are a Large Woman?

What if you are a strong woman? What if you have a large build or excess weight? How can you seem to be tender, soft, delicate, dependent and trustful? It is certain - size has nothing to do with having a feminine nature. You can appear fragile and delicate to a man if you follow specific guidelines. You donít have to be little and delicate to appear so to a man.

Sometimes you will see a small man married to a large woman. In many cases he does not see her as large. She has developed a feminine nature that is soft and sweet and he sees her as such. She makes the impression of being delicate with traits like depending on him, needing him, relying on him and trusting him. She has successfully disguised her overpowering figure.


Traits of the Feminine Nature

  1. Weakness: Men are strong and firm with an air of hardness about them. Women are, in contrast, weak, delicate and soft. This does not mean they have weak characters - they are angelic!

  2. Submissiveness: Men are the leaders and guides. Women are adaptable, changeable, and trustful. These traits make it easier to submit to her husbandís authority.

  3. Dependence: Men are to provide the living, do strenuous work and protect women and children from harm. Women are to lean on men, trust them, allow them to protect and care for them. The definition of feminine dependency is a womanís need for masculine care and protection. Donít be so able to ďkill your own snakesĒ.

  4. Tenderness: Tender feelings are part of the feminine woman. Movies, songs, books, and even television commercials will move her to tears. She has a strong sense of sympathy and has tender emotions toward the helpless. Donít try to hide or be ashamed of these feelings. This is another fascinating trait to a man.

  5. Fearfulness: Every feminine woman has a tendency to have a natural fear of dangers - either real or imagined. Men have the opposite tendency to be unafraid, especially when they have control over the situation. Sometimes men will place women in a dangerous situation just to show their own fearlessness in the face of a womanís fright. This makes them feel extremely masculine.

    The smaller or sillier the fear a woman needs protection from, the more masculine a man will feel. When he rescues a woman from a mouse or a spider, a loud or strange noise, darkness, or some other trifle he feels manly and strong. He can easily laugh at these small things and gain much satisfaction from saving his damsel in distress.


How to Awaken Your Feminine Nature

Acquire a Feminine Attitude:

Acquire a dependency on masculine strength. Let go of your masculine strength, masculine abilities, masculinecompetence, masculine fearlessness. Excel in your feminine abilities, but get rid of the masculine tendencies. Read and study the 3 Aís until they become your nature. Be adaptable to his life and his agenda.

Eliminate the Masculine Work:

You must be careful in this area. You need to discover what masculine work you are doing and be ready to give them up, but you cannot demand that your husband take a masculine job. To do this is to exert the control in the situation. You must make your case to your husband, explain the details to him, tell him why you need him to do this work, but the decision is still in his hands. If he agrees, great! But if he doesnít readily accept the job you are trying to give over to him, thatís ok, too.

If you find you are stuck with a masculine job, keep doing the job in the most feminine manner you can, always asking for help and advice whenever possible. You do not need to do the job with masculine efficiency and gusto! In fact, it will be detrimental to you as a woman to do so. Live the principles of Fascinating Womanhood for a time, then approach him again. When you are doing your job well, he may be more willing to take some of the responsibilities.

Be Submissive:

I have said it before and Iíll say it again - submission is a highly active endeavor. You donít just become a doormat or a mouse and call yourself submissive - no, no, no! Submission requires strength of character, a firm knowledge of your wonderful place as a woman, and (pardon the expression) guts. Itís no job for a weakling. It takes a strong woman to willingly yield to the leadership of another of higher authority. And donít forget, this authority has been vested in your husband by an even Higher Authority. The subject isnít open for discussion or debate.

As a submissive woman, avoid hard, unyielding opinions. Yes, he wants to hear your opinion, but it must be expressed in a feminine manner. Remember, however, that I am talking here of the more human opinions. Never yield in your morals or those traits that make you the woman he has on a pedestal.

Donít Hide Your Fearfulness:

Itís charming to a man for a woman to be in need of his masculine care and protection. Grip is arm a little tighter when you step off a curb or ask him to take care of the spider in the tub.

Donít Hide Your Tender Emotions:

The tears you express when you watch a sad movie, hear a touching story, or learn of the plight of the innocent are touching to a man and awaken his tender emotions toward you. Do not suppress these emotions. Even if they laugh, they are touched.

Donít Try to Excel Him:

Itís fine for you to be grade A in your feminine sphere, but please donít compete with your man in his arena, and by all means donít do better than he does in a masculine area. Donít be stronger, less fearful, more decisive, or less wavering. Donít compete in the area of wages or prestige in the workplace.

Invite His Care and Protection:

Let him care for you in small things. Ask him to open tight lids on jars, allow him to open your door, let him help you with your coat. Donít be so quick to do these things yourself. Give him time to do them and always express your appreciation for his kindness and care.

Live Your Feminine Role:

There is no better place to develop your feminine nature and depth of character than in your own home. Your home is the best workshop for learning the gentle arts and the soft traits of the feminine nature.


The Sweet Promise

While feminine dependence and frailty are desirable feminine traits, there needs to be an assurance that when you are put to the test in an emergency or by some necessity you will have the strength and fortitude to meet the need. This is what Mrs. Andelin calls ďthe Sweet PromiseĒ and your husband needs to know he can depend on you should the circumstance arise.


What the Feminine Nature Awakens in a Man

The feminine nature makes a man more willing to offer his care and protection. As he begins to care for a woman his love and tenderness toward her grows. When you are too independent and self-sufficient he feels no need for caring for you and this causes his love and tenderness to fade. He loves that which he shelters and protects. When you display a feminine nature it awakens his need to take care of you, do things for you, protect you, shelter you and devote himself to you. While he is doing these things his feelings of love deepen.

Never forget: A man will not offer his care and protection when he senses it is not needed, or that his efforts will be ridiculed. The woman, who with her feminine nature and dependency, makes him feel wanted, needed and appreciated will be dear to him. You can win his love and affection as you develop your feminine nature.

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