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The links below are my feeble attempt to give you the lessons from the book, Fascinating Womanhood, by Helen Andelin, in a little different light. They are brief and are not meant to take the place of the book itself - they are only an addition. Mrs. Andelin presents a much more detailed discussion of each of the chapters. Included in the book are success stories and other information I have not included here.

Each lesson has an assignment page and a success/tips page linked to it. The lessons are partly from the book and partly my own ideas. The success stories and tips are from the wonderful women at the FascinatingWomanhood mailing list at

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Resourse Page - Recommended Movies, Books, Tapes

Introduction - My Abbreviated Story

Lesson #1 - Celestial Love

Lesson #2 - The Ideal Woman

Lesson #3 - Accept Him

Lesson #4 - Appreciate Him

Lesson #5 - Admire Him

Lesson #6 - Make Him Number One

Lesson #7 - Masculine and Feminine Roles

Lesson #8 - The Leader

Lesson #9 - The Protector

Lesson #10 - The Provider

Lesson #11 - Family Finances

Lesson #12 - Masculine Pride

Lesson #13 - Sympathetic Understanding

Lesson #14 - Pandora's Box

Lesson #15 - Inner Happiness

Lesson #16 - A Worthy Character

Lesson #17 - Domestic Queen

Lesson #18 - The Feminine Appearance

Lesson #19 - The Feminine Manner

Lesson #20 - The Feminine Nature

Lesson #21 - The Feminine Nature vs. The Working Wife

Lesson #22 - Radiant Happiness

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