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On Being an Ideal Woman

It is a matter of heart, says S.F.:

That is my point about doing FW for yourself - it changes your heart.

I understand the point about wanting your marriage to improve and your husband to change, but what if it doesn't happen in your time-frame? Are you (not you personally, but anyone) going to quit and chuck it all because it didn't work? If you decide it isn't worth it because your husband isn't changing, then you weren't wholeheartedly believeing in what FW stands for - being a feminine woman no matter what anyone else does.

This doesn't mean that we don't all get discouraged. Everybody gets discouraged sometimes, but that doesn't mean I'm turning my back on FW principles. I believe in submission. I believe in the difference between the sexes. I believe in the chain of authority. I believe in a meek and quiet spirit. I believe in a woman of valor. I believe in love. I believe in admiration. I believe in appreciation. I believe in seed time and harvest, day and night...shall I go on? I would have to turn my back on who I am, and I'm not ready for that.

Elmer's to the Rescue

Pumpkin will put a smile on your face.:

I was so anxious to do the assignment of gluing a key to a magnet that when I couldn't find a magnet, I just glued the key right to the freezer door!! My husband was very curious about it...all I said was "it's my 'Internet' assignment to remind me that I hold the key to my childrens' happiness..." (I couldn't bring myself to say husband's too!!!) He seemed pleasantly surprised! He smiled, and said "really?"

A Novel Idea

Here is an interesting thought from J.C.:

"...the ideal of succeeding well in my overall responsibility as a homemaker is an enlightening new ideal."


Achieving a Perfect Balance

J.C. also sent in this food for thought.:

I could stand improvement all around, but I'm more comfortable working on improving my Angelic Side. I think some of the Human stuff will fall into place when the Angelic stuff gets stronger. For example, for me, subdued Inner Happiness holds back Radiant Happiness, subdued appreciation of the masculine holds back my feminity. Then my biggest Domestic Goddess problem is clearly diligence, which is really a Character issue. So I work on whatever is most accessible to me, having mastery in no area.

To remind us what the two sides consist of:

The Angelic Side
Understands Men
Inner Happiness
Domestic Goddess

The Angelic inspires a feeling of worship. It brings him peace and happiness.

The Human Side
Radiant Happiness
Radiant Health

The Human side fascinates, amuses, and enchants him. It arouses a desire to protect and shelter.


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