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We could think of FW as a house plan - once we get our foundations in place, we can all decorate to suit ourselves! ~FW - Sally B.

Happy again in San Diego

This story by R.C. will bring tears to your eyes.

As you all know, my dh is with the army in XXXXX at the moment. He now has access to hotmail on the internet, so I wrote him a long message all about how I appreciate him and admire him etc. along with my own version of the icebreaker speech in the assignments at the end of Chapter 3 "Accept Him" in FW. He phoned me on tuesday night for an hour, even though he is only allowed 5 minutes once a week, but he phoned really late at night when the phone wasn't being "policed". He kept saying how much he loved my email and how much he loved me, then today I got an email from him saying the same and how proud he was of me for working so hard and doing so well at looking after him. I was so touched. Even when I started doing FW, I never had the courage to actually apologise for how I'd treated him in the past etc, like the icebreaker says, but it was so easy to write it down and especially because he's so far away, he really appreciated it. For those of you that also have trouble doing this, I've included a copy of part of the email I sent him for some ideas. Somehow the version in FW always seemed so stiff and fake to me and I wouldn't have felt comfortable wording it like that!

(part of email to dh overseas:) "I'm so happy that I married such a wonderful, understanting, courageous, handsome, strong, loving man. (yes, you!) I think I haven't understood you in the past and I've made so many mistakes, but I'm so glad that you haven't let me push you around and let me change you, but have stuck to what you believe. I love you, admire you and respect you just the way you are and it was wrong of me to try and change you when you're already wonderful and more than I'll ever deserve. Sorry for being so awful to you lately, I didn't realise how much I hurt you. What I realise most though is how much I love you and always will, I never again want to do anything that would make you so upset with me. I trust you implicitly that you will make the right decisions for us and our future family."


Applying Your Assignment

Make a drawing of a man on paper. On the right side list the faults and on the other side list the virtues. Color the faults dark. Now fold back the dark side so only the good side is in view.

Remember, this is where you need to focus that third eye. In a previous post I told the ladies do this with their own personalities, too, only on opposite sides of another sheet of paper (faults on left, virtues on right). Fold back your faults so they are out of sight. Now tape the two sheets together in the middle and you have one complete, "one-flesh" (as in Genesis) person - and just look how your good traits and his complement each other! Isn't it wonderful how you are so different? Wouldn't it be horrible if you had the same faults and the same strong points?!

These comments on the above were written by J.C.:

This one-flesh complement exercise is fabulous! I was too wimpy to write down my faults or strengths in the previous exercise. I didn't do the list of his faults on the acceptance lesson because it seemed to negative. Now I begin to appreciate the value of these exercises. Time for me to backtrack!

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