0.82kb Supplies For an Organizing System That Works! 0.82kb

  • file box (found a perfect size at Staples - Sterlite brand)
  • 1-2 packages colored, lined, index cards (yellow, blue, white, pink, green)
  • 1 package white, lined, index cards
  • 1 - 31 numbered divider cards
  • 6 blank divider cards
  • Jan. - Dec. divider cards
  • scratch pads
  • pen
  • pencil
  • clipboard
  • lined notebook paper for clipboard
  • tape
  • calendar (the size on a checkbook register)

    0.82kb Basic Cleaning Supplies List 0.82kb
    Most of us have far too many cleansers and way too much junk under the kitchen sink. Here is what you need to do a superb job cleaning your home. If you find you want a specialty product, you can add it.

  • dish soap
  • ammonia (Follow bottle directions to make your own window cleaner. Add a drop or two of laundry bluing or food coloring to fool the family. You can use prepared window cleaner instead.)
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • spray bottles (if your spray cleansers are not in bottles already)
  • floor wax
  • soap scum remover
  • toilet cleaner
  • rubber gloves, if desired
  • cleaning caddy
  • feather duster
  • broom
  • dustpan
  • mop
  • vacuum with spare belts and bags (Put these on a regular shopping list along with the size of belt and style of bag your vacuum calls for.)
  • clean cloths (I use terrycloth washcloths)
  • hand sponge

    That's it. That's all. And that's enough.

    0.82kb Supplies Needed to Declutter Your Home 0.82kb

    You will not begin this phase for a week or two, but here is what you need. Gather these things now so when you are ready to begin you have them.

  • 4 medium-size, sturdy boxes
  • tall, kitchen garbage bags
  • large, heavy-duty garbage bags
  • additional boxes for storage*
  • additional dividers for your file box, labeled as needed
  • sharpie markers
  • white index cards
  • pen or pencil

    *I get apple boxes at the grocery store. They have lids that slip on and off, they are all the same size, and they are sturdy so you can stack 'em. I also have plastic storage boxes that go under our beds. I use these for our seasonal clothes. I have 8.5" X 11" boxes to file all our papers for a year after taxes are figured. I am sure you will think of more, but it helps if boxes for any given area are the same size. Odd sizes topple and spill or fall on you.

    0.82kb Acknowledgements 0.82kb

    I need to acknowledge the sources for most of my inspiration. The first is "The Art of Homemaking" by Daryl V. Hoole, written in 1969. Mrs. Hoole laid a wonderful foundation in her book for the many expansions of her ideas. She talks about keeping yourself up, storage in boxes with master information on cards, planning daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal jobs, boxes for a sorting system, and much more. I suspect many later authors got their seeds of wisdom from this great source.

    "Sidetracked Home Executives" written by Pam Young and Peggy Jones in 1977, seems to be an expanded and explained form of the information in the above book. The system uses a set of index cards to organize activities (just as Mrs. Hoole says). Some people have begun to use a notebook or dayplanner. I have tried this and always go back to my cards. There is something uplifting about doing a card, filing it, and then finally having no cards left for the day - meaning: I'm done! I have presented my dayplanner pages for anyone interested. These may work better for some of you than the file system - but I love my cards.

    0.82kb Are You Ready to Begin? 0.82kb

    Follow the link to the next step in your journey to getting truly organized and staying that way.

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