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Are you comfy? Got a cup of coffee, your lists and cards? Good.

Now that you have most of your activities listed, (I say "most" because you will find more as you go), you can start transfering them to individual index cards. One activity goes on one card. Take one of your lists and, beginning at the top transfer jobs, one at a time, until the list is done. Repeat for every list. (You can group jobs on one card if desired. Click here for an example of grouping.)

Yellow is the color of the card you will write all of the activities that are done every day or every other day. Weekly and EOW are blue, monthly, seasonal and yearly are white, and finally, errands and personal are pink. I also use green cards for activities that I will do one time only. (I use green cards for major decluttering areas also. I want to do the declutter phase ONE TIME AND ONE TIME ONLY. After that it is maintenance.) In fact, I think I will order you to make a card that you look at each day that says, "DECLUTTER ONCE - after that it's maintenance." Yes, I will. Write it on a pink card.

Place these cards in stacks according to color. They will be dealt with in the next section..

0.82kb Daily Tasks Card - Yellow 0.82kb

0.82kb Weekly Task Card - Blue 0.82kb

0.82kb Monthly Task Card 0.82kb

0.82kb Personal Task Card - Pink 0.82kb

0.82kb One-Time & Special Task Card - Green 0.82kb

Moving on...click below for step 4.

Here are the instructions for how to organize your basic week.

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