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    Welcome to “The Organization Express©”! I hope you will take the time to read this entire message, sign up for the newsletter, and send me your comments, favorite tips and hints for publication.

Getting On The Track

    Have you realized lately that you run and run and never get anywhere? Or, you’re busy all the time, but never have anything to show for it? Or, you start with the best intentions, but get derailed or off on a side track right after you make a resolve to “get organized once and for all!” If so, you’re in the perfect postition to make changes in your life. You CAN get on track and stay there until you reach your goals.

    There are three main components to have in place before you can successfully reach the end of the line. I can help a lot with only one of them and a little with the other two. To change your circumstances you have to have:

  1. the Want to,
  2. the Way to,
  3. and the Will to.

    You are the one that has to have the “want to” firmly in place. I can’t make you want to change. I can encourage you in the right direction, but ultimately the decision is yours - and obviously you must want to or you wouldn’t be reading this letter. I doubt your problem lies in this area.

    Normally the problem most of us have are in the next two areas. The biggest problem of the two is the “way to.” You wake up in the morning with a deep desire to live in order and decide “today’s the day” only to end up in a worse mess and totally defeated - you are lacking the know-how and the proper skills - you don’t have a clue how to proceed to the desired end. You need to place yourself under the teaching of someone who knows how to increase your knowledge and build your skills. Wider knowledge and sharper skills are essential for attaining goals.

    This is where “The Organization Express” comes in. The Organization Express is a “read-only” mailing list designed to help you keep on track one little railroad tie at a time. Each issue has articles for beginners, and tips for more the more advanced on subjects like how to clean individual rooms (which we will do together), how to organize, how to manage household tasks, how to use a day planner, how to do once-a-month cooking, how to declutter, how to deal with paperwork and filing, and more.

    However, no amount of knowledge will make up for the lack of the last part of the triangle. You may have a head full of knowledge and perfect skills, but if you lack the “will to” you won’t accomplish much. You need to have drive and perserverance to get you past the many crossroads and derailments along the way. I’m sure you read the story of the “Little Engine That Could.” That gal had the drive. She made up for her disadvantages by pure determination.

     Analyzing your situation and determining if any of these key elements are missing is the first step in getting you further down the track....I think you can, I think you can, I think you can!

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